Easy Cake Decoration Ideas For Birthday With 5 Tips and Tricks

cake decoration ideas for birthday

This cake decoration ideas for birthday is an amazing experience. Yeah, we are going to explain all the things about decorating cake-like professionals do step by step with photos. This cake decoration will take more than one hour to be completely done.

As this decoration is for birthday cake especially, we have to decorate it properly and there are important guidelines that we are going to focus on tips to decorate this cake perfectly.

I am not going to use any fondant icing because it doesn’t come in beginners cake decoration ideas for birthday.

Equipment needed to  cake decoration ideas for birthday the cake properly

Rotating cake turntable

This rotating turntable is not essential but it can make your cake decoration super easy.

Bread knife

The night is important for labelling and splitting your cake layer.

Piping bag with tips or nozzle

This piping bag and nozzle will help you to make decorative flowers or other shapes.

Offset palette knife

It is needed to apply frosting on the cake without using your finger through the cake.

Cakes smoother scraper

It is a professional equipment to smooth frosting and making decorative patterns on cake.

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Nutritional Value of cake decoration ideas for birthday

Nutrition Facts of Decorating Cake Ingredient

Servings: 12

Amount per serving



% Daily Value*

Total Fat 13.5g


Saturated Fat 8.5g


Cholesterol 46mg


Sodium 19mg


Total Carbohydrate 3.5g


Dietary Fiber 0.1g


Total Sugars 2.1g

Protein 1.3g

Vitamin D 0mcg


Calcium 40mg


Iron 0mg


Potassium 55mg


*% Daily value tells you how much nutrients contribute to the daily diet. In general nutrition, 2,000 calories per day are used by a person.

Ingredient needed to cake decoration ideas for birthday

Basic ingredients of cake decoration ideas for birthday

  • 3 1/2 to 4 cup Whipping Cream
  • 1/4 cup chocolate
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1_9-inch cake

Optional ingredient

  1. Happy birthday cake topper
  2. Pink and blue colour macaron
  3. Pink white colonial-era candy
  4. Pink food colour
  5. Gold foiled star dark chocolate decorated

These are 5 basic tips or you can say step by step cake decoration ideas for birthday

1. Freeze your cakes

Well, I have freeze my 9-inch tortes cake for more than 2 days. The cake is basic contain a multilayer of whipping cream stock to make frosting easier you should always bake the cake in advance and freeze it for two to three days what makes frosting cake easier.

When you freeze your cake don’t crumble while frosting it. This freezing process makes crumb coat easier but before crumb coat, it is very important to level your cake and freezing cake makes it easier to level your cake.

2. Level your cake

The next important step is to level your cake properly. Here, you have to use a bread knife to level your cake because for decorating cake we always want a flat layer of cake.

3. Slice cake into layer (optional for 3-layer cake only)

  1. As you know, we are making a 3-layer cake so first of all, we will cut a cake into three slices.
  2. Mark 2 lines on the cake.
  3. Put your bread knife over the mark and start to rotate your turntable and in this way cut it till the middle of the cake.

4. Apply crumb coat on the cake

When you have a 1_9 inch cake pan you will need 2 1/3 Cup to 3 Cup of Whipping Cream but as you know my cake is for a birthday and most of the birthday cakes contain mostly three-layer.

So I am using but with three-layer what will need 3 1/2 to 4 cups Whipping Cream. I am going to mix pink food colour in icing before coating the cake.

Now apply a crumb coat what is a basic and light coat of frosting.

First of all, we place a little amount of icing on the cake both. Then after that place, one slice of cake and then spread icing over that flies to stop the repeat this process with other cake slices.

Now, spread this crumb coat for spreading over the whole cake and freeze it for 30 to 50 minutes. The freezing cake will help the icing to be fully set.

5. Apply final coat and give finishing touch

Now, apply a final coat. This next step is only possible on the turntable. so, place it on the turntable. You should use turntable only from starting as turntable make every step easy. Finally, we are going to use cake smoother or scrapper.

Place your cake scrapper on the side of the cake and rotating the cake turntable to the opposite side. You should freeze your cake time to time as your are decorating ice cake. Instead of scrapper you can use a flat piece what help you to give a finishing touch to the cake.

The basic tips for basic cake get to an end. These cake decoration ideas for birthday tips and tricks can be used with any cake.

Now these are some optional tips which I am using to cake decoration ideas for birthday

6. Dip chocolate on the cake

Food photo created by prostooleh – www.freepik.com

First of all 1 1/4 cup cream in the powerful and then add 1/4 cup dark chocolate in that Bowl and then microwave it for one minute. Filter it and let it be cool. Now transfer it in a piping bag give a small cut and dip it on the cake as shown in the picture.

7. Decorate as your wish

If you have some leftover icing transfer it to a piping bag and make a flower or other any shape using the nozzle.

Now, stick pink-white colored candy in the below of cake as shown in the picture.

After that place macaron properly. To make your cake more attractive place gold foiled star dark chocolate on the cake.

In the last, we set happy birthday cake topper on the cake. How was the cake decoration ideas for birthday.

I hope you’ll love my cake decoration ideas for birthday. So, please comment on the site and subscribe to us. This recipe for decorating cake contains tips and tricks of decorating with icing frosting. So, share it as much as you can so that we would share the tips and tricks of frosting with buttercream and fondant, too.

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