How to blanch almonds in 2 min. | Almond Peel Benefits & How to peel almonds quickly

how to blanch almonds quickly

How to blanch almonds quickly Learn how to blanch almonds quickly in 2 minutes. This is super simple ways to peel almonds. If you want to peel almonds fast, I will show you how to […]

Recipe For Panjiri- (simple & No-1)

recipe for panjiri

Recipe for Panjiri is mostly made on Katha, Puja at our home. Variety of sweets is offered on many festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna janmastami, Navaratri but panjiri is for this festival to offer lord. […]

Simple and Easy Recipe for Bread Pakora-2021

recipe for bread pakora

We eat recipe for bread pakora with great fervor during the winter and rainy season. Bread pakodas are covered under snacks. It is crunchy on the top and soft on the inside. Children like it […]

Unforgettable! & NO-1 How to Make Pav Bhaji at Home

how to make pav bhaji at home

Today, we are going to know about how to make pav bhaji at home? Pav Bhaji is such a recipe that if you cook it then everyone will like it. Because its taste and healtly […]

Panchamrut-Charnamrit Recipe | Making No-1 perfect pachamrit

Charnamrit Recipe

Panchamrut is also known as Charnamrit recipe. It is a special prasad offered to God specially Krishna Janmashtami. It is specially get prepared on the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Krishna Janmashtami, Satyanarayana Katha, Bhagwat Puja, […]