Recipe for Gujiya | How to Make Gujiya [Holi Special 2021]

recipe for gujiya

Recipe for Gujiya is a traditional dessert. People use to make gujiya on Diwali. People often make it on Holi. Gujiya is made on any occasion mostly in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-Mumbai, and Rajasthan as well […]

Best Homemade Mava Recipe or Khoya Recipe-2021

Mava Recipe

This Homemade Mava Recipe or Khoya Recipe is very important to make sweet. Without mawa sweet is baseless. Because mava add best taste in it. Sweets  made by mava is very famous in india.Such as […]

How to Make Gulab Jamun at Home- (Outstanding! & No-1)

how to make gulab jamun at home

Today we will learn how to make gulab jamun at home? this recipe is mostly made on festive season. Festive season is going on. In this we get sweets to eat at every home. If […]